With her many artistic talents, over the years, Carole has been asked by many governmental agencies to create very large layouts that could be fabricated into interpretive signs, or outdoor trail signage.  These creations of artwork and verbiage could be 24” x 42” — or larger. As you can see below, Carole had responsibility for the overall layout that sometimes also included one or more of her pencil creations. If needing creative signage on walkways or paths, be sure to talk to Carole. You can reach her by email or phone 912.351.5373 to discuss a signage project you are considering. Depending on your location, the artist will be happy to discuss delivery options and fabrication costs.

Belted Kingfisher (SOLD)

Navy Railroad (SOLD)

Red-headed Woodpecker


Woodpecker Acorns

Kingfisher Cattails

Chesapeake Bay (SOLD)

Steam Engine (SOLD)

Ferns & Dinosaurs (SOLD)

Ferns & Dinosaur (SOLD)